Knitting and Crocheting are my mindful hobby. It is what I do to relax and unwind while watching whatever’s on Netflix.

My grandmother taught me to knit and purl at a very young age. But it is only much later that I picked up the craft again to  help me manage my anxiety.

Whether it is for cooking or for knitting I can’t seem to stick to instructions, no matter how hard I try. I always seem to get ideas mid project for a variation or want to try something slightly different. Which is how I quickly started making my own patterns without ever publishing them.

I published my very first pattern in 2018. It was commissioned by the place I worked at the time. I was head of the company informal knitting club and they had asked if I was interested to make a pattern with yarn from Rowan.

I jumped on the opportunity but due to my inexperience and perhaps over-eagerness, the pattern was never published as it was much too long and inflexible. You can still find the pattern on the website.

While this did not discourage me from making patterns, I realized I had to simplify and improve my way of working. This is why I only started publishing patterns again in 2024.

With my first, unsuccessful pattern, the Dexie Knits brand was born. My main objective is to continue my knitting & creative journey wherever it takes me. If my concept appeals to you I hope they download my patterns and engage with my brand. I do hope I will get the opportunity to design for a yarn company or reseller again (with much better results this time!).