When I started knitting about 4 years ago, I had no idea it would quickly turn into such a big positive part of my life.

The reason I picked up needles at all in the first place was in a half-hearted attempt to manage frequent outbursts of stress and anxiety linked to prolonged social interactions and work-related pressure.

It was a bumpy start but after several weeks, I still hadn’t given up. I now had a 2m ‘scarf-thing’ that I later upgraded to ‘blanket-thing’ that I was dragging along like a comforting stuffed toy. Needless to say, I looked absolutely ridiculous.

But I’d never felt better.

That’s when I decided it was time to cast off and really start knitting.

4 years later here we are. I have been ferociously knitting & stashing away, happy as could be. I have gotten a few frowns about the extreme stashing from my concerned boyfriend, but he has bared with me through it all.

Whether it is for cooking or for knitting I can’t seem to stick to instructions, no matter how hard I try. I always seem to think I know better or want to try something slightly different. Which is how I quickly started making my own patterns. I didn’t publish any of them until recently as it hadn’t really occurred to me to do so. I just had fun making them and bringing them out if a friend or family member was interested in knitting something and needed inspiration. I think it was my sister who first asked me jokingly why I wasn’t selling them.

With this hobby taking such a significant spot in my life, I decided I wanted a platform to express it. This is how the Dexie Knits brand was born. The main objective is to continue my knitting & creative journey wherever it takes me. If my concept appeals to others enough they may even download my patterns, engage with my brand to a point where companies may even want to sponsor more of my patterns or designs.